• Robert Smith

5 Things a Bride Wished They Knew Before Their Big Day

No matter how much planning goes into a wedding, things are going to come up that you never even thought of. Here is a list of things that brides wished they would have known before their wedding day.

1. Hire a day of coordinator(DOC)

There are so many little details to remember when it comes to planning a wedding. To avoid a lot of stress hire a day of coordinator who can worry about the small details so you don’t have to. It will relieve so much stress knowing someone else has it all under control. Most DOC's can provide vendor recommendations and deal with the vendors so you do not have to and you can even get some discounts by booking through them. From tracking down a needle and thread to reattach a button, to calming the brides nerves, and coordinating the entire flow of the day a DOC can be a lifesaver.

2. Don’t forget to eat!

There is so much going on during your big day that it is easy to forget to eat. Hours later you find yourself starving and cranky. Eating breakfast is so important. You may miss lunch and be concerned about spilling on your dress so eating breakfast beforehand is crucial. Having a person who makes sure you eat throughout the day can also make things a lot easier. Don’t forget to stay hydrated as well. If you’re going to be drinking at your wedding having food and water in your system is even more important, no one wants a sloppy bride.

3. Pause, look around you, take it all in.

You’ve been planning this for months and once the big day arrives it can pass by in a blur. Every half hour or so make sure to stop and look around. Look at the people around you, celebrating your love, having a good time, these memories are important. Take time to enjoy being with your spouse as well. While you may be together most of the day, you are rarely alone. Find time, even just a few minutes, to be alone and appreciate each other.

4. Roll with the punches

As much as you want it to be, weddings are rarely perfect and it is important to roll with the punches. It is not going to ruin your whole day if the napkins aren’t exactly right or you have to adjust the timing of something. Many brides are so focused on every tiny little detail but the important part is that you are marrying the love of your life. It is more important to relax and enjoy the events and focus on the fact that you are surrounded by the people you love not the small details.

5. Wait a few days before going on your honeymoon

Weddings are exhausting. Many people leave from their reception to head straight to the airport to go on a honeymoon. While continuing the party and the wedding bliss can seem great, taking a few days in between can make the honeymoon much more enjoyable. If you have guests that came into town just for the wedding this gives you time to enjoy there company and catch up with them. It also allows you to relax , regroup, and go into your honeymoon refreshed.

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